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 The Zombie story that you make up.

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The Zombie story that you make up. Empty
PostSubject: The Zombie story that you make up.   The Zombie story that you make up. EmptyTue Jan 25, 2011 3:22 pm

Basicly I'll start off a basic plot of a zombie story, with each post you can do whatever you want in it, the ONLY rules are:
-at least one human must be alive at all times (but please don't randomly kill off everyone but one guy)
-You can't kill all the zombies (with nuke or massive military forces ect..)
However, when I see the story going really dry, I'll end it by braking one of the rules above.. (you all can also vote if you want to brake a rule from above.


One day, in the late afternoon a group of 5 friends get together at a bar, they are welcoming in the new year! The people in the group are named, Kelly, Dave, James, Sarah and Greg. Kelly and Dave have been dating for about 3 months, James is single but holds down a nice job as a manager at a local gamestop. Sarah works in a local coffee shop, the normal gathering place of their group of friends. Last Greg rents a room from James, sometimes paying James for rent. Everyone in the group is in their mid 20's except James who turned 21 today. Everyone is drinking and having a good time when they hear a scream from out side and see a body get slammed into a window and....[left]
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The Zombie story that you make up.
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